with Sonja


"Joining Sonja's class is the best thing I have done for my well-being. For years I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain, and I cannot belive the improvement after only four sessions: not only am I pain-free, but the difference in my flexibility amazes me! Sonja's passion and enthusiasm for Iyengar Yoga is contagious. I am totally addicted. Thank you, Sonja, for being so attentive and making me believe in myself!"


"Sonja is a superb communicator who brings focus, compassion and humour to every lesson, along with her impressive knowledge and experience. I could not recommend her more highly. Having tried both physio and Pilates to help with chronic pain from an old injury, I found that yoga with Sonja was infinitely more effective."

Lucasta, Writer

"I've become addicted . . . I no longer have a bad back, and I sleep better, too."

Ben, Director, to Financial Times

"These are the best online classes I've experienced!"


"I joined Sonja’s yoga class as a complete beginner and I can already see direct results. Sonja's energy and enthusiasm are at the forefront during class and her great cues and endless modification would enable anyone to learn yoga well. And Sonja's teaching has also enabled me to perform better in other movement practices!"

Zoe, Pilates Instructor

"Sonja's teaching is fantastic and I really grumble when I can't come to a class!"

Stephen, Architect

"After a month of yoga with Sonja, I went for a couple of days skiing. Conditions were challenging - wet, heavy powder one day, ice the next - but I realised that I was able to bend knees and hips while staying strong to accomplish the turns way, way better than I can ever remember. I'm seriously impressed!"